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What We Do

The Property Links Group provides a stress-free solution for renting a landlord's property. We can save you time and money, and we charge no fee. 

At Property Links, we manage your house, the tenants and any issues that arise, leaving you with a hassle-free life; sit back and collect the rent.​​ Here’s what to expect:

The Landlord:

We scour the UK searching for houses to place our working professionals in. Once we have found a suitable property, our landlords sign a contract that permits us to place professionals in their property; we take on and manage all the bills (including council tax, gas and electric), and if there's ever a problem, be it maintenance or vacant rooms, you don't get hassled - we sort it, and you still collect your full rent.

The Tenants:

We screen working professionals and place them in properties across the UK. Once they pass the strict due diligence process, we collect their deposit and have them sign a contract for a minimum term of six months. ​​When they leave, we replace them with another working professional, and if there's any void periods at the property, the landlord still collects full rent. 

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